CapTel 840

For people who don’t have Internet access, the CapTel 840 relies on a landline (analog telephone line) to provide captions and voice. 

CapTel 840 Phone Features
  • Requires an analog phone line. DSL can be supported if using an appropriate filter

  • Large screen with easy-to-read captions

  • Built-in answering machine with captions

  • One touch button to reach customer service 24/7

  • Available in Spanish

  • CapTel service is FREE


Get a CapTel 840 phone

Requirement for CapTel 840

Line 1:*

Telephone line:

  • Analog

  • DSL with digital filter

Line 2 (optional):*

2nd analog telephone line

* Not compatible with PBX system unless an analog port is available.

VIDEO: CapTel 840 Overview